Sunday, March 1, 2009

St. Patrick's Day without meat

I want to make some traditional Irish food for St. Patty's day, being half Irish and loving a holiday that celebrates green, Spring, my son's birthday (well, his birthday is on St. Patrick's day, so they are forever linked to me), and beer! I also love corned beef. But, I don't really eat meat anymore.

I want to make colcannon and soda bread, but have never made either. I'm looking to you, dear readers (yes, all four of you!), to help me out here. Sure, I could turn to allrecipes, and looking for the recipes with high ratings and reading reviews usually steers me in the right direction. But if you, important reader, can provide me with a recipe that you know to be delicious, I would appreciate it ever so much. And I will take pictures, too!


  1. Okay, I have never, I repeat NEVER, had soda bread turn out well. I don't know...mental block maybe? Not sure. But here is a great colcannon recipe.

    I've always made it this way, but usually don't use the nutmeg (I use allspice). Colcannon soup is lovely, too.

  2. It's very strange to me that they call this Irish Potato Salad. It's mashed taters with veggies. Duh, food network.

    But I'm going to try that! Yum!

    Off to hunt down a good soda bread recipe!