Saturday, June 6, 2009

Food for camping

My boys are going camping next weekend so that an out of town friend and I can catch up sans interruptions. Hooray! I have challenged the hubster to NOT eat at any restaurants along the way, only stopping at grocery stores if necessary. This is going to be a MAJOR challenge for my lovable yet lazy hubby, so I'm helping (of course).

They will be gone from Friday afternoon through Monday. So, that's 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, and numerous snacks.

Pancakes (those just add water mixes are PERFECT for camping)
Eggs (crack the eggs into a heavy ziploc bag so they are ready for scrambles or omelets)
They might try this because it sounds like fun:

Pasta Salad

Chicken leg quarters (bought on sale)
Hotdogs (you gotta, right?)
Nachos, using leftover chicken

We are limited not only by funds, but by the fact that my child doesn't like casseroles or other "mixed" dishes. He does, however, LOVE nachos, and I like that you can make these in a skillet.

Chips (must have junk food for us....we don't get them often because we all LOVE chips)
Pasta salad
cereal bars (aka Nutrigrain bars)
s'mores fixins

What else do they need to take for food?

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