Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trying a new recipe!

Aka #86. Hooray! And heck, it's only the 4th. Good job, me!

This morning I made "Lemon Corn Waffles with Blueberry Sauce" from Vegan with a Vengeance, which is a great vegan cookbook. I'm not vegan, by the way, although I do get a smug little feeling every time I eat vegan, but I really enjoy cheese. Anyway, this recipe ALSO allowed me to use my new waffle maker, which is another neat thing! I'm not great with waffles, apparently. Mine didn't look so great, although they tasted nice. Next time, I'll add a bit more flour to thicken up the batter a bit, and I will put MORE batter in the waffle holder-cooker-thing. Oh, and I de-veganized this recipe by using cow's milk and yogurt, and I'm sure that's forbidden. So, let's keep it between us, ok? Thanks.

These waffles were really yummy, with a bright flavor. I used Meyer lemons, since that's what I had, and it was very hard to zest these since they have such a thin skin. Keep that in mind! Also, the blueberries were kind of icky (they were frozen, WM brand...probably the problem right there). The sauce tasted good, but I imagine that was due to the fancy Whole Foods syrup and organic vanilla extract (wow! I'm such a yuppie!). Also, the sauce called for arrowroot powder, which I don't have. So I used corn starch, and that worked just fine. I subbed it in a 1:1 ratio.

In summary, I would TOTALLY make these again. I would make the sauce, too. Heck, I would eat the sauce over ice cream! But I would use better quality blueberries.

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