Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Excerpt from a yearly letter....

To P. Every year at Christmas/New Year's, I write a letter to Peter telling him what happened during the year, how he changed, etc. This is an excerpt from this year's letter, written today:

Today I watched you navigate the rock wall at the park (successfully!) and I must have had a "goofy mom" look on my face, because this kid--about 6 years old--starts watching me watch you climb. He moved slightly closer to you, as if to help you--you have that kind of charisma, you pull people to you. When you reached the top safely, he immediately looked at me to see my expression. I am sure I was beaming ear-to-ear. I am so proud of you, Dragon Fighter Chocolate Milk Boy Spiderman P Lightning McQueen (yes! you make us call you this!! Geez, kid!), and I always will be.
Thank you for making my world a brighter, prettier, more challenging place.

I love you.
That kid sure does make me happy.

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