Friday, December 26, 2008

So what gives with the name?

About the name: Well, you know how some people will read the last page of a book first, to try to predict what is going to happen? I've always disliked those people, even while fighting the urge to do it myself. I want to enjoy the journey, yet I'd still like a glimpse of the nature of the future: Gentle or harsh, loving or unyielding?

I've realized that we already KNOW the answer to this big puzzle (and it's a happy ending!) but it's the JOURNEY we are unsure of. So, the temptation to "peek" at the end (by worrying, overthinking, and nagging) are fruitless, since I can't know the journey till I walk it and I already know the end is full of soft fluffy pillows and piles of gushy Ambrosia salad. ;)

This blog is going to help remind me that I don't need to look at the last page first. I need to look at the page I am on today.


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