Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Don't be a hater

Eat a salad!!

I have a lovely friend who is jovial, funny, and loves to cook (not a vegetarian, but she'll come around, in time). All of these things just make my heart smile!

And yet.....she was berating the beloved SALAD! Oh! The horror! Salads are so amazing! Full of life and vibrancy. Crunchy and silky, sweet, salty, savory. Fresh and delicious. I love salads.

Now, I'll admit that salads can be downright terrifying. Those old salads, sitting for who knows how long, made up of limp iceberg lettuce and white (Heavens, NO!) tomatoes. I mean, WHITE!!! Maybe a sad little sliver of red cabbage, if they are trying to be "fancy." Shudder.

Plus, the dressings! They can be nightmares! I mean, I never that ranch could be good until I tried a friend's Hidden Valley Ranch (and I realize that homemade would likely be superior, but you have to understand that I've always thought that ranch was gross till I tried this stuff, only a few months ago). Thick, gloppy, gloopy, full of sugar and chemicals. Yuck!

But a nice vinaigrette, made with citrus juice and olive oil, or even a store bought dressing that does not taste so processed (and hopefully, isn't processed to death), can be wonderful.

So, that brings me to MY salad. Yum! I love salads, and love to have big, decadent salads for dinner (did you hear that!!??!! I said, have a salad for DINNER! What? No meat? Crazy!). I recently made an especially inspiring salad, and I want to share it with you now.

Yummy! That looks divine, no? There are organic mixed greens, topped with red onion, kidney beans, grated carrot, a bit of shredded cheese, and some organic grape tomatoes. Some lovely artisan bread and roasted red pepper hummus are my side, filling me up and adding some protein.

Not too long after this was shot, the salad was lightly drizzled in a dressing of fresh salsa mixed with the current guilty pleasure, Hidden Valley Ranch (even the light version is good!!!).

Oh, how happy I was, just munching away on this salad. Yum yum yum!

Now really, can you honestly tell me you wouldn't eat that for dinner? And happily forego meat? Look deep inside yourself, now....


  1. now that looks like a fabulous salad!!

  2. I just went to a buffet.. and I got salad.. a huge salad for supper.
    That looks so yummy!!!

  3. That salad looks fantastic!

    I have been known to enjoy my own salad meals--usually with a few chopped nuts on top. Yum!

  4. I would so totally eat that salad, okay dude? Especially if I got to eat it with you, bellamia!